TNT Yardworks provides yard care services to Spokane and surrounding areas. Our friendly, dependable staff will ensure the job is done right the first time. We guarantee it. If our yard services are not performed as promised, we will gladly return to your home or business free of charge to make sure it is done right. Have a specialty need? Just ask! We can handle just about anything. TNT Yardworks is, of course, licensed, bonded, and insured. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 5pm. Services run 7 days a week! Schedule a personal on-site consultation with one of our professionals. Mow: We will keep your lawn trimmed to perfection. Sign up our weekly service program and never have to think about it again. Edge: Clean up the lines of your yard with our lawn edging service. We can even install aesthetically pleasing root boundary edging materials. Rake: If your lawn suffers from thatch or a post-winter build up of dead debris, power raking can remove those unwanted substances. The freshly exposed soil is also great for seeding. Trim: Let us sculpt and beautify your hedges. Any shape or style, from mild to wild. Prune: Proper pruning will improve the appearnce and health of your trees and shrubs. Our skilled pruners will give your trees the care they deserve. Aerate: For a healthier, better looking lawn, allow your grass's roots some room to grow. Our core aeration services break up compacted soil and allow direct access of nutrients, air, and water to the root system. Sprinklers: Let us design a state of the art sprinkler system to evenly and thoroughly irrigate your lawn and garden. We can provide detailed blueprints that meet your specific needs. Waterfalls: Bring beauty and tranquility to your setting with a custom water feature. Anything from a pond, to a stream, to a dramatic waterfall. Landscape: Your yard is our canvas. Let us create a scenic masterpiece out of your landscape, in virtually any way you can image. Bring your own vision to life, or let us custom craft a landscpe design specifically for you. Snow Removal: Save your back! Let us clear, sand, and de-ice your driveway, parking lot, walkways, etc.